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raabalearning.com is a unique platform for supplemental education for school children,Collage Students, Talent Personalities and  Teachers. Our network of high quality teachers not only provides best in class academic tuitions and Non Academic Activity, but also specialised courses to hone 21st Century skills for school children across 6 key areas – Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Critical Reasoning, Creative Thinking ( We are Guinness Record Holder In Creative Thinking ) , Collaboration and Creative Arts.

At raabalearning.com, we are passionate about education, learning and kids. We are committed to providing international quality standards using age appropriate teaching methodologies and globally accepted education technology.

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Raaba Media - Introduction


It was on 5th of July, 2017, Raaba Media commenced its selfless journey and there has been no turning back ever since. 
The objective of Raaba Media, which holds prestigious Guinness World Record for the expression of Individual Human Thinking and ability, is that -  No Human talent should be concealed, denied or discriminated on grounds of Country, Language, Religion, Race or economic conditions. 
We take immense pride is declaring to the whole world on our stupendous achievement of Eight world records in a short span of time, including several Guinness World Records.

We hold our head high at this moment and proudly claim that we are the only organisation in India to have achieved this humongous task of obtaining so many world records in such a short period of time.  Today we can confidently say that nobody would have ever thought or put in efforts to our extent  to identify, nurture, provide platform and showcase your talents to the whole world. There is famous sayeth -  “ Geniuses emerge in a country which does not respect them…  It is not just a popular saying but an undeniable, powerful truth. At this juncture we vouch that our selfless service will not only strengthen you, but also provide a huge canvas to paint your dreams.  Yes!!! Raaba Media will be the Sanctuary of all your dreams and aspiration Raaba Media is so delighted to say that it has never renounced an individual’s talent in any of the events conducted so far. Instead it is a proud organisation that has worked towards bringing them up and transforming them in to talented individuals. This act of Raaba Media has inspired countless lives to succeed in life and hence has earned huge appreciation from many… Around 18,000 people have attended our events over the past two years. We have stood by them in each and every step and consistently motivated and encouraged them. All our programs were conducted in a fair manner and our awards were presented without any bias but with our only aim to altruistically identify and showcase Human Talents to the world  While our key focus is on social media, individual human development programs, television programs, world record shows and e-learning, we are also involved in the production of On-line movies, short films, and documentaries which has Social Reforms as its primary theme Raaba Media has astonished many people with it list of achievements.  In an environment where record breaking feats were performed as group events,  it was Raaba Media which created  a revolution and sparked a revelation  by hosting events for individual talents. Here we go !!!  

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