Carnatic Vocal for Children

A Preparatory course for young children 5 years and above to be introduced into the world of Carnatic Classical music through easy to understand and sing approach. This is the first of the 4 courses designed to introduce young children to Carnatic music. The lessons are designed in a way that generate curiosity in a student and then self discovery. The concepts of Shruti and Laya and woven into simple poetry and rhythm.

The Carnatic Vocal for Children courses are designed  to provide a strong foundation of voice culture, listening skills, singing basic notes, Rhythm concepts and exercises, correlating Swaras to sound on a basic level and learning Swara/Raga based songs which the child would enjoy singing. 

Course Details


  • Shlokas

  • Building blocks of music

  • Ganesha bhajan 

  • Rhymes to swaras

  • Claps to thala 



  • The course aims at introducing the student to the musical world of swaras through familiar tunes and songs

  • It is simple and easy to learn 

  • Student learns to sings simple shlokas, bhajans and songs with swaras

  • Student is introduced to the concept of Shruti and thala