Carnatic Vocal

The word 'Carnatic', is interestingly derived from the word Karnataka, is widely associated with Andhra Pradesh’s Saint Tyagaraja and yet is performed by artists from Tamil Nadu!

A common question we get asked is about the difference between Hindustani and Carnatic Music. Though both are based on raagas which constitute combination of swaraas, the treatment given to them is different. As an analogy, imagine making different dishes with the same ingredients.

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Carnatic Vocal

for Children

A Preparatory course for young children 5 years and above to be introduced into the world of Carnatic Classical music through easy to understand and sing approach.....



Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet blossomed into the signature musical style of Northern India. It draws from our ancient system of Ragas and cultural influences from Persia.


Carnatic Vocal


Carnatic music songs with ten different instruments namely, Flute, Harmonium, Mandolin, Nagaswara, Santoor, Saxophone, Sitar, Shehnai, Veena and Violin are considered as input. ... Then different clustering techniques are used for understanding natural way of grouping among this instrumental music.

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