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Raaba International Cultural Academy is a unique platform for supplemental education for school children, College Students, Talent Personalities and  Teachers. Our network of high quality teachers not only provides best in class academic tuitions and Non Academic Activity, but also specialized courses to hone 21st Century skills for school children across 6 key areas – Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Critical Reasoning, Creative Thinking

( We are Guinness Record Holder In Creative Thinking ) , Collaboration and Creative Arts.

Raaba International Cultural Academy is the grandest educational institution of the Foundation, the prestigious foundation of the International Peace and People's Welfare Trust, providing various programs to recognize students and Artist talents to the world, providing world-class achievements and opportunities for world-renowned fame in academia and the media.

Raaba International Cultural Academy is a non-profit organization founded to ensure that students' self-confidence in the various arts is properly trained and recognized through exams so that the art they learn can be used for a lifetime.

Raaba International Cultural Academy is accredited as a subsidiary of the American Institute of Culture and Management registered in the United States of America and is accredited by the International Peace and People Welfare Trust of India.

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Activities :

Recognition of the talents of all kinds of artists and students around the world.

Promoting cultural and cultural sharing between countries.

Recognition of education and cultural arts

Affiliation and recognition of cultural and arts related institutions.

Providing advice and guidance to arts and culture related training institutes and accrediting institutions.

Supporting Non Academic educational activities and conducting certification classes and giving recognition through exams.

Conducting certificate classes for preschool and elementary school teachers.

Conducting non - Academic education and certification training classes related to all arts.

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